New York State Travel Card PowerPoint

• We have one form to request either a travel card or net
card. Travel/Net Card Application
• Travel Cards (Blue) are issued to all NYS employees
who travel for the University to facilitate the payment
of all State business related travel expenses.
• Non-Employee Travel (Net) Cards (Green) are issued
to state account managers to facilitate the payment of
non-state employee travel expenses while traveling on
State University Business. (e.g. UA Foundation
employees, RF employees, student athletes, job
candidates, and consultants)
• Card applications are assigned to our reporting
hierarchy and entered into Citibank for
• Applications are scanned into electronic
cardholder files and logged into excel
Application Worksheet 2013.xlsx for tracking.
• Cards are received via FEDEX within 5
business days, checked for accuracy, and
logged into excel as received.
• Cardholders are notified via an Email when
their card(s) are available for pick up in our
• Cardholders sign a Card Receipt form which is
scanned into their electronic file.
• If there is an embossing error, Citibank is
contacted to have a corrected card issued.
These are received with 3 business days.
Air, train, and ground transportation
Meals and lodging
Conference registration fees
Baggage fees
Parking and toll fees
Fuel charges for both rental and personal vehicles
Incidental expenses (e.g. business center charges
including photocopies and faxes)
• On the 7th(Net) and 23rd(Travel) of each month,
statements for our programs are downloaded in
PDF format March Bill
• The bills are emailed to the processing unit for
• Bills are paid out of an IFR dump account which
is subbed 01- for Travel Card payments and 02for Net card payments so payments and
expenditure transfers can be easily tracked.
• An excel copy of the Bill is downloaded from
Citibank Custom Reporting for use in preparing
the expenditure Transfer
• This excel file is also emailed to our secretary so
she knows which cardholders have statements that
must be downloaded.
• Our Secretary downloads each statement in pdf
format. Our bills typically have 200 cardholders
so the downloads take about 2 hours. Emailing
them takes another hour.
• NYS Travel guidelines must be adhered to when using
the NYS Travel/Net Card. Important note: Campus
departmental travel policy will supersede state
policy if the departmental policy mandates more
restrictive travel spending.
• Travelers must stay within the per diem rates for
lodging and meals when using their card. Travelers
must reimburse the University for charges incurred
above the per diem rates. One noted exception is
exceeding the lodging rate by staying at a Conference
hosting hotel. This rate will be covered in full.
• Each cardholder is emailed their Statement and a
blank Reconciliation form.
• The account manager of the cardholder’s default
account for charges is copied on this email.
• While expenditure transfers are processed to the
default accounts prior to receiving cardholder
reconciliations, cardholders can designate a
different account to be charged on their
reconciliation form.
• If the cardholder has out of pockets travel expenses associated with
a trip on their monthly bill, they need to complete a travel voucher
and attach their receipts to request reimbursement.
• These reimbursement vouchers must be attached to their
reconciliation forms for the month and sent to the Credit Card Team
for processing.
• Failure to submit the vouchers and reconciliations together will
delay the audit process for the travel card and significantly delay
• Reconciliation forms and travel vouchers must have original
supporting documentation attached. (Travel itinerary, lodging folio,
meal receipts, conference agendas)
• Cardholders are strongly encouraged to keep copies of all completed
forms and supporting documentation.
• Cardholders will have 3 weeks from the date
their statement is emailed to reconcile their
charges, complete any travel vouchers, and
submit them to the credit card team for
• Failure to submit reconciliations, vouchers
and/or necessary reimbursements by the
deadline may result in immediate suspension
or revocation of card privileges.
Cardholder reconciliations are reviewed to ensure;
Original receipts are included for each charge
In the absence of receipts, cardholders are asked to complete an Unavailable Documentation Form if the undocumented charge is
$75 or under, no reimbursement is required. For charges over $75, the cardholder is required to reimburse the amount over $75.
Contracted agencies are used for airfare
In the absence of a documented saving of $200 over the contracted price, cardholders must reimburse the airfare charged
Per Diems for meals and lodging aren’t exceeded.
The maximum per diem for the city travel to can NOT be exceeded.
NYS sales tax has not be paid
If meals are placed on card, verify that a meal per diem has not been requested on travel voucher.
If gas has been charged for a personal vehicle, verify that a mileage reimbursement has not be requested on
a travel voucher.
• Request reimbursements and prepare and
process refunds of appropriations
• Process any expenditure transfer revisions
• Request additional documentation (receipts,
conference hotel proof, or completed
unavailable documentation forms.)
• If fraud is detected, contact Citibank and have
the cardholder complete notarized fraud
affidavit and submit to Citibank.
• 966 Travel Cards (YTD thru March Cycle)
Average Monthly Transactions 966
Average Spent per Month $141,940
Total Spent $1,135,520
• 150 Net Cards(YTD Thru February Cycle)
Average Monthly Transactions 367
Average Spent per Month $143,670
Total Spent $1,149,356
• 306 P Cards
We still receive between 5 to 10 applications a week.
• Eileen Scanlan
Credit Card Program Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone 442-3195
• Tina LaMarche
Assistant Program Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone 442-3182
• Chris Messenger
Email [email protected]