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Colorado Life Zones Worksheet

1) What adaptations do antelope have to survive in the plains life zone?

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2) Plains life zone food chain. Fill in the blanks with the following animals/plants in correct order:

Kangaroo rat



Red-tail hawk

___________________ eats ________________ eats _________________ eats ___________

3) How can you tell a mule deer from other animals in the foothills life zone?

4) How can you identify Douglas fir cones in the montane life zone?

5) True or False. Aspen trees in the montane life zone

do not

lose their leaves in the fall.

True or False

(circle one)

6) What adaptation do most trees in the subalpine zone have?

7) Why does the snowshoe hare in the subalpine life zone change color with the seasons?

8) True or False. The alpine life zone is the coldest and highest life zone of all life zones in


True or False

(circle one)

9) How do picas survive the winter in the alpine life zone?

10) What is present in all


life zones?


Pingree Park is located at 9,000 feet. The most common trees are Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, and aspen.

What life zone is Pingree Park a part of?