Maui Community College Course Outline 1. Alpha and Number

Maui Community College
Course Outline
1. Alpha and Number
ETRO 298
Course Title
Special Projects in Electronics Technology
Date of Outline
February 2, 2004
2. Course Description
Introduces special topics in electronic and digital
computer technology. Creates, designs, and builds
an electronics capstone student project under the
guidance of the instructor. Provides the opportunity
to gather the required schematics, components, and
devices for the project. Allows option to repair or
restore an existing electronic device. Requires the
student to meet each week with instructor.
3. Contact Hours/Type
6hrs. lecture-lab
4. Prerequisites
ETRO 105, 130, 140, 201, and MATH 107 or
135 or higher, or consent
Recommended Preparation
Approved by _____________________________________ Date________________
5. General Course Objectives
Analyze special topics in technology that are of current interest. Analyze and test
electronic and computer building block circuits including devices, subsystems and
systems to create a useful product or service. Research and develop a project and
present a final report and completed project by a given date. Use test equipment to
troubleshoot circuits.
6. Specific Course Objectives, Competencies, and Student Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
a. Describe research tools used
b. Identify sources of designs, devices, circuits, and parts needed in a project
c. Describe the purpose of Data Books and other references
d. Design, build, test or service and program a project
e. Describe the purpose engineering notebook and engineering reports
f. Prepare a written report for your project and present it to the class
g. Research a current topic in technology and present a technical update to the class
h. Understand the importance of providing good customer service
7. Recommended Course Content and Approximate Time Spent on Each Topic
1 week
Introduction to digital electronics and digital hardware design
1-2 weeks
Project topics review; research resources and methods (a,b,c)
1-2 weeks
Submit project outline, approval by instructor. Current topics and
technical publications (a,b,c)
1-2 weeks
Current topics and project design. Students present topics and
project design (a,b,c)
1-3 weeks
Students present topics and project construction.(a,b,c,d,g)
1-2 weeks
High technology on Maui and Hawaii. Educational and technology
1-2 weeks
Project testing and troubleshooting (d,e,f)
1-2 weeks
Project reports presented and testing (d,e,f)
1-2 weeks
Project reports presented and projects must be finished. (d,e,f,h)
8. Text and Materials, Reference Materials, Auxiliary Materials and Content
An appropriate text(s) and materials will be chosen at the time the course is to be
offered from those currently available in the field. A representative example is:
Engineering Notebook
Parts and devices as needed for project
9. Recommended Course Requirements and Evaluation
Projects, utilizing electronic workstations and test equipment
Comprehensive written reports
10. Methods of Instruction
Written or oral examinations
Practical examinations
Lab experiments and reports
In-class exercises
Homework assignments
Projects or research (written reports an/or oral class presentations)
Attendance and/or class participation
Computer assisted instruction