Physical Science Lab (PHSC 1021) Course Syllabus WHERE: COURSE INFORMATION:

Physical Science Lab (PHSC 1021) Course Syllabus
Dr. Daniel Bullock
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 479.968.0230
WHERE: McEver 202
COURSE INFORMATION: General course information can be found on the course
website. The website can be found at
Follow the link titled: “Teaching”. Finally click on the link for Physical Science Lab.
COURSE MATERIALS: The textbook we are using is titled, “Physical Science
Laboratory Manual” by the Faculty and Staff of the Physical Science Department.
CLASSROOM RULES: Students are expected to follow general safety guidelines Each
student is expected to show mutual respect for one another. Most food and drinks are
allowed however food that has a definite odor are NOT allowed (e.g. hamburgers, fries,
tacos, etc.). Children are not allowed in class. If a student has any questions they should
ask the instructor.
OFFICE HOURS: My office is located in McEver 03. Phone: 479.968.0230 I have an
“open door policy” meaning that anytime I am in my office you can stop by for help. My
designated office hours are Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 8:30AM - 10:00AM and
Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30 – 9:30 AM
CO/PRE-REQUISITES: To be taken concurrent with or following completion of PHSC
CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Each semester. To be taken concurrent with or following
completion of PHSC 1013. An introduction to laboratory experiences in the physical
science, including physics, chemistry, earth sciences, and astronomy. Laboratory two
hours. $10 laboratory fee.
COURSE OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this laboratory course are:
 To develop an experimental comprehension of the basic principles, philosophy,
and procedures of science.
 To appreciate the physical sciences and their importance in their daily lives.
 To understand fundamental concepts in physics, chemistry, and earth science.
 To develop problem-solving skills in the physical sciences, including
mathematical applications.
GENERAL EDUCATION OBJECTIVES: Students who consider this course to
complete one of their science requirements of the General Education courses, will receive
a laboratory experience which will enable the student to analyze problems, arrive at
intelligent conclusions, and to make reasoned choices in their professional and personal
QUIZZES: At the end of each lab the student will be expected to take a multiple choice
quiz over the material he/she covered in the experiment.
GRADING: Each student will receive 5 points for attending the lab on time, with the
proper materials, and following instructions during the experiment. Each lab quiz will be
worth 12 points. The total points possible for an experiment-quiz will be 17. A total of 12
labs will be performed. Your grade will be based on the 11 best quizzes and the grading
will be as follows:
A : 100-90%
B: 89.999-80%
C: 79.999-70%
D: 69.999-60%
F: 59.999-0%
Finally, the instructor reserves the right to adjust the grading scale as he sees fit.
POLICY ON ABSENCES AND CHEATING: Any absence will be excused if the
student presents the instructor with a letter from the doctor (NOTE: This letter must
contain the doctor’s contact information). If an absence has occurred due to a death in the
family the student must present the instructor with a copy of the obituary. If a student
misses class because he/she is attending a professional school related meeting, the student
must present the instructor with a program from the meeting.
Any student caught cheating will be reported to the appropriate University
SUMMARY: This syllabus is meant to be a guideline for the course and the instructor
reserves the right to make modifications as he sees fit.
This course will be a challenge but I guarantee that if you do the work you will learn
some fascinating material. I look forward to having each of you as my student! GOOD
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