AP United States History, Mr. Palmieri

AP United States History, Mr. Palmieri
Contact Information: Class website: https://www.raleighcharterhs.org/faculty/dpalmieri/
Teacher email: [email protected]
Office Hours: I am available to meet before school Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Please let me know a day or more in advance and we can set up a meeting time.
Philosophy: The AP United States History course is an analysis and discussion about the history of the land and
people of the United States. The course focuses on the political, economic, and societal changes and continuities
that have characterized the nation both before and after independence. The course is designed to challenge
students with a variety of ideas and activities that explore the history of the nation. Emphasis is placed on
writing skills, including essays, document-based questions, and a research paper. The use of primary source
documents is stressed throughout the course.
Coursework and Syllabus:
On the first day of every unit you will receive a reading and assignment sheet for the unit. This
document will also include daily review questions and vocabulary. This document is also
available at the class website: https://www.raleighcharterhs.org/faculty/dpalmieri/
On the last day of every unit there will be a unit assessment.
Homework every night is to do your required reading and write out neat and thorough responses to the
daily questions. You may do these electronically but you need access to them in class (printed
out or on a laptop).
Every day reading is due you should bring notes on the reading as well as questions you have
about what you read. Take notes on both at-home readings and in-class discussion. Keep your
notes well organized and in one place.
Homework checks or open-notes reading quizzes may be given on any assigned readings.
Credit for participation is awarded based on questions and observations that students make from the
assigned reading and classroom activities. Participation in formal and informal discussions and
seminars is also included in your participation grade.
A research paper will be undertaken with preliminary activities in the first semester and a final
draft of the paper during the second semester.
Textbooks and document books should be brought to class for use with certain in-class activities.
Text: America, A Concise History. Henretta, Edwards, and Self, Bedford/St. Martin’s: Boston, 2012.
Document Collection: Documents to Accompany: America, Volumes One and Two.
Fall Semester 2015
Unit 1: Early North America and the Colonial Period, to 1763
Unit 2: Revolutionary America and the New Republic 1763-1820
Unit 3: 19th Century Politics, Economics, and Society, 1820-1860
Unit 4: Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, 1830-1877
Spring Semester 2015
Unit 1: Industry, Progressivism, Imperialism, 1880-1912
Unit 2: World War One, Great Depression, The New Deal, 1920-1945
Unit 3: World War Two and Cold War America, 1945-1965
Unit 4: Modern America, 1965-2000
AP Exam Review
Grade Percentages
90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C, 60-69 = D, below 60 = F
Grade Distribution:
Unit Assessments: 60 %
Quizzes/Homework: 10 %
Assignments/Research Project: 20%
Discussion: 10 %
Semester Points: 80 %
Final Exam: 20 %
While homework is 10 % of your class grade, it is essential in preparing you for unit assessments as well as
class discussion and activities. Consistently completing homework thoroughly and thoughtfully is a required
component of the class. If ever an event or issue arises that hinders your ability to complete a homework
assignment, contact me prior to the school day to discuss.
What other rules and expectations do I need to be aware of?
In order for you to meet new classmates and work with a variety of students, your seats are assigned and those
assignments will change periodically. Help foster a good learning environment by being on time to class every
day and waiting to prepare to leave until indicated by the teacher. The class needs to be neat and your trash must
be thrown away. The only food or beverage permitted in class is water. Electronic devices such as cell phones
and music headphones are not allowed in class. Limit your bathroom visits to urgent needs and emergencies.
Themes in AP US History (as outlined for AP coursework by the College Board)
Work, Exchange, and Technology
Politics and Power
America in the World
Environment and Geography (Physical and Human)
Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture
Skills in AP US History (as outlined for AP coursework by the College Board)
Historical Causation (Cause and Effect)
Patterns of Continuity and Change over Time
Historical Argumentation
Appropriate Use of Relevant Historical Evidence
Time Periods in AP US History (as outlined for AP coursework by the College Board)
Period One: 1491-1607
Period Two: 1607-1754
Period Three: 1754-1800
Period Four: 1800-1848
Period Five: 1848-1877
Period Six: 1865-1898
Period Seven: 1898-1945
Period Eight: 1945-1980
Period Nine: 1980-2014