Enriched Honors World History Mr. Palmieri () Philosophy

Enriched Honors World History
Mr. Palmieri (dpalmieri@raleighcharterhs.org)
The course in World History explores the political, economic, and cultural aspects of human
civilization. It is difficult to explore every society that has existed in the history of the world. For that
reason we will emphasize various key concepts such as religion, trade, technology, gender, conflict,
and the arts as we travel through time and space in our exploration of the world.The course will follow
a general chronological path, but at times we will focus on various regions of the world. At other times
we will focus on contemporary (current) world events and cultures in order to illuminate the past.
Coursework and Syllabus:
On the first day of every unit you will receive a reading and assignment sheet for the unit. This
document will also include daily review questions. This document is also available at
the class website: https://www.raleighcharterhs.org/faculty/dpalmieri/
On the last day of every unit there will be a unit assessment.
Homework every night is to do your required reading and write out neat and thorough
responses to the daily questions. You may do these electronically but you need access
to them in class (printed out or on a laptop).
Every day reading is due, you should bring notes on the reading as well as questions you have
about what you read. Take notes on both at-home readings and in-class discussion.
Keep your notes well organized and in one place.
Homework checks or open-notes reading quizzes may be given on any assigned readings.
Credit for participation is awarded based on questions and observations made from the
assigned reading and classroom activities. Participation through formal and informal
discussions and seminars may also be included in your participation grade.
A research project called the Artifact Project will be undertaken. This project extends throughout first semester. While guidance on the project will be given in class, most of the
actual work on the project is done outside of school.
Textbooks may remain at home.
What other rules and expectations do I need to be aware of?
This class will be a safe and welcoming place for you to come to every day. Therefore harassment,
hazing, intimidation, or insults are certainly not tolerated. In order for you to meet new classmates and
work with a variety of students, your seats are assigned and those assignments change periodically.
Help foster a good learning environment by being on time to class every day, by waiting to prepare to
leave until the teacher indicates, and by making sure the classroom is neat. The only food or beverage
permitted in class is water. Electronic devices such as cell phones and music headphones are not to be
out in class. I expect you to limit your bathroom visits to urgent needs and emergencies. Students
having difficulty following these guidelines may be subject to conferences with me to determine a
solution to the problem, lunch detention, referral to the administration, or discussions with parents or
World History. Spielvogel, Jackson. Glencoe: Columbus, OH, 2008.
Fall Semester, 2015
Unit 1: Prehistory and Ancient Civilizations
Unit 2: The Middle East and Europe, 500 bce – 1300 ce:
Unit 3: Asia, Africa, and the Americas, 500 bce – 1300 ce:
Artifact Project and Museum
Spring Semester, 2016
Unit 1: Exploration and Colonization
Unit 2: Enlightenment and Revolution
Unit 3: Imperialism
Unit 4: Global Conflict
Unit 5: The Modern World
Grade Percentages
90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C, 60-69 = D, below 60 = F
Final Exam: 20 %
Semester Points: 80 %
of those semester points:
Unit Assessments (includes Artifact Project Research Paper): 50 %
Assignments/Projects: 30 %
Quizzes/Homework 10 %
Discussion: 10 %
While homework is 10 % of your class grade, it is essential in preparing you for unit assessments as
well as class discussion and activities. Consistently completing homework thoroughly and
thoughtfully is a required component of the class. If ever an event or issue arises that hinders your
ability to complete a homework assignment, contact me prior to the school day to discuss.
Contact Information
Class website: https://www.raleighcharterhs.org/faculty/dpalmieri/
Teacher email: dpalmieri@raleighcharterhs.org
Office Hours: I am available to meet before school Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please let me
know a day or more in advance and we can set up a meeting time.