April 11, 2014

SPAM mtg notes
April 11, 2014
Ka’a’ike 210
Present: Michele Katsutani, Lisa Deneen, Kari Nunokawa, Debasis Bhattacharya, Cathy
Bio, John McKee, Maggie Ward, Amir Amiraslani , Sean Calder, Jan Moore, Eric Engh,
Lori Terawagachi, Brian Moto
WASC visit
9 commendations (they said they were more), 5 recommendations
Timeline: 2 months (max) for team to finalize report, we have two weeks to respond to
any factual errors. Commission meets in June for decision making.
Options - 7 year for full accreditation, accreditation with warning, accreditation with
conditions (?)
Interim team may be sent in meantime if less than full accreditation is determined midterm report is due.
Team listened, asked good questions.
Different to have chair share his card and email for comments after the mtg.
Reviewed the verbal commendations and recommendations.
Recommendations were serious. Need to address and start movement on them.
Budget process proposal
David Tamanha has a proposal.
Current - there's a senate budget committee (mainly receives reports, no input into
budget) and administration committee that puts together a budget - no overall college
budget process. Proposal will be presented to senate today. System also has strategic
priorities that need to be aligned.
Proposed - two groups - admin produced budget and senate produced budget, then
conference/negotiation. Approach is bottom up.
Another/additional approach/strategy - have standing committee that receives budget
requests in fall from program coordinators - separate from program review, which could
be on 3 year cycle instead of yearly.
By January could have the program reviews done analyzed for emerging themes,
campus planning in Feb.
Need to go back to program coordinators and ask how program review can be tweaked.
College exec committee could be also adjusted, composition changed.
More transparency in budget process - looked forward to.
LCC was commended in WASC Jr. accreditation. They have much more participatory
process. Could look at their processes. Look at other programs that have successful
processes. Could send people to programs.
Advantage of doing program review every year - then info is gathered is very year.
Could scale down program review for yearly. Discussion for program coordinators can
be about how to assess PLOs.
Some accrediting bodies require yearly program reviews, but not WASC Sr.
Findings also apply to nursing accreditation.
Need to fill unfilled positions came out in recommendations. Can use to justify positions.
Planning day April 25
Needs to be presented to Senate before sending out email. John has an email prepped,
wants it to go to Senate this afternoon first.
Purpose would be to:
- determine strategies to support the identified groups.
- could be budget implications.
- share follow up on last year's planning day
Faculty leadership for SPAM
John has been working on it - feels admin should participate, support, empower faculty
and staff.
Laura Nagle& Elaine Yamashita have been approached to co-chair. Assigned time for
L & E Come back to next meeting about how proposal would work then work on