Campus Assembly Student Affairs Committee Student Initiatives

Campus Assembly Student Affairs Committee
Fall 2010 Report to the Campus Assembly
Student Initiatives
Transportation- incorporating the zip car program at a city wide level and attempt to put a hub on
School Pride- increase attendance and participation with women’s sports, and attempt to
encourage other student organizations to sponsor events at half time.
Career Services- aim at undergraduates. We want to increase awareness of the resources
available. We also want to encourage those students to access these resources before they reach
their junior and senior years.
Other Initiatives
Student Life Creed- Rewrite to make more current and to include more student input.
Student Engagement- encourage more faculty connection with students, greater incorporation
with the multicultural center, and assess what role we play in campus communications.
Multicultural Concern-continued efforts against racism/sexism/homophobia/ and other
Submitted by Hannah Mumm, Student Association