Peralta Community College District BP 5160 International Education Program

Peralta Community College District
BP 5160
Board Policy 5160 International Education Program
Peralta Community College District recognizes the financial benefit and educational value of international
students to the District: international students not only provide an opportunity to increase the District’s
independent revenue stream, but also enhance the quality of education for resident students through the
promotion of culture and language.
An International Education Program creates opportunities for students to study abroad, establish a
network for administrative and faculty/student exchanges, and encourages the inclusion of international
materials across the curriculum in the District. Therefore, as part of its admission of non-resident
students, the District admits international students without regard to national origin and establishes the
International Education Program (IEP) to recruit international students and provide support services for
students and faculty.
Chancellor shall establish Administrative Procedures which will include Enterprise Fund Accounting and
Reporting with respect to the International Education Program to ensure budget accountability, legal
accountability and program accountability.
Education Code Sections 68050, 68051, 68052, 68130, 76141, and 76142
Title 5, Section 54045
Title 8, U.S.C. Section 1101. et seq.
Board Policy 4.80 International Education Program first approved April 25, 2006 and last revised March
27, 2007.