1.2c Counseling BRT Meeting March 24, 2010

Counseling BRT Meeting Summary - March 24, 2010
Joyce & Sheryl are working on the updates,
distributed & reviewed partial updates completed;
plan to merge additional questions from the ‘parking
lot’ section.
Nov 18th discussion as to when will system be
programmed to agree with new Title 5 regs & PCCD
guidelines, currently students must enroll in person
at A&R Ofc for all repeated courses regardless of
the reason.
Academic and
Priority List
‘Team’ has been working on testing the
implementation of the Probation Holds. From F06 M09 will not place holds in case there is a problem
e.g.: reinstitute a hold that has been cleared, but the
plan is to implement the service indicator HOLD
when F09 grades are posted.
Counseling BRT Priorities have been incorporated
into the PIT Issues Log.
S’10 program to drop students who have not passed
pre/co-req and communication with students has not
been run. In F09 was run as a warning (students
not dropped).
Minh lead description (sample page distributed) of
the edited Student Degree Audit (transcript
summary); explained that report is in real time and
he will convert to page (rather than a query) which
will enable to sort by column and/or view by ‘screen
page’ or full summary. Charlotte has tested & ok’d
accuracy of edited PCCD Student Degree Audit.
Discussion & suggestions.
ACCESS(go to):
-Reporting Tools
-Query Viewer
- Student Degree Audit
Next meeting
Wednesday, May 12th, 9:30-11am,
IT Conference Room
Will send final edits to the
counselors on BRT for review by
Nov 20th – with a deadline for
Joyce completed and Kerry
distributed info to Counseling
Sheryl and Jo Ann will check.
Postponed until next meeting.
There is a need to clarify the PCCD
policy regarding ‘recency’.
Still in test mode; (holds have not
been implemented since
Reviewed PIT Issues Log as it
relates to Counseling. Prioritized
list and added/modified wording.
District Matric Committee (Jan
2010 meeting), VP Moore was to
consult with Jim Bracy to edit
warning to students of drop; letter
not edited or sent.
Consensus suggestions:
-Name & st id # will only appear once
on the top of page
-will include 3 GPAs: Assoc, CSU &
UC (top of page)
-will have total # of Assoc Degree
units only (top of page)
-will converted to page (vs query)
-Will be listed by - sort 1st by Subject
(Dept) and 2nd sort by course #
-Columns to be deleted: Career, and
Begin & End Date
-Campus will have actual college
name vs #
-Term will be SU-Summer, FA-Fall
and SP-Spring (vs #)
-In progress courses should be listed.
- Minh will develop basic steps on how
to access and use, which will include
how to add to personal favorites; that
can be distributed to field; more
comprehensive training video to be
developed later.
Joyce will send out revised log to
Committee for review and
Need status of when will be
Minh will make the changes
agreed to and advise Kerry when
it is in production mode; Kerry will
send out message to field
(Counseling and A&R) that
Student Degree Audit (transcript
summary) is ready to use and link
to Minh’s steps on how to access
& use,
Deadline goal:
-Edits discussed completed by
-Ready to send to field by first
week of March.