Our working hypothesis: Tomorrow will be like today only more so.

Our working hypothesis:
Tomorrow will be like today only more so.
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Higher Education institutions:
Knowledge producers
Knowledge synthesizers
Distribution channels
with three functions:
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Its a cliché to say that technology changes everything:
the challenge is to figure what, how and how quickly.
Technology is most easily adopted in areas
of maximum control e.g. business transactions
Companies come and go but educational
institutions are remarkably robust.
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Is technology good or evil?
The computer both reproduces, and transforms,
existing power structures.
It is used by some to reinforce their position and
by others to disrupt those in power.
The progressive substitution of labor for capital.
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Customer has control (does the work) and enjoys it!
Vaudeville vs TV
Orchestra vs CD
Cinema vs DVDs?
Faces on credit cards … are clerks policemen?
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Transforming the customer experience…
You drove up, someone else pumped
the gas and supervised the transaction.
Then you pumped the gas but went to
the clerk to pay.
Now you pay at the pump
You are your own clerk … eBay, Amazon.
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Dimensions to technology use in education:
•Level of interactivity
•Synchronicity / Asynchronicity
•Location dependence / independence
Is it support or replacement?
Technology works best when the mediator extracts
too much cost e.g. Informal class questions are
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Changes in Higher Education:
increasing perceived value of “brand”,
 low cost providers who offer certification with
the competitive advantage of either
scheduling or cost,
 high cost elite providers who add significant
technological experiences into their
standard educational offerings,
 rising student expectations for high quality
media products,
 expensive competition in knowledge production
for the “third leg of science”.
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Some conclusions
Tomorrow is similar (but not identical) to today
Make sure you know what business you’re in
Know what your competitive advantage is
Don’t ever outsource your competitive advantage
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