Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement Awards Nominations 2016

Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement Awards Nominations 2016
The Division of Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement is pleased to solicit nominations
for its annual awards for the campus community. We encourage you to take a moment to
acknowledge someone who you believe has made a difference.
The purpose of these awards is to recognize students, faculty, and staff who have contributed to
Wright State University's efforts to become a truly inclusive environment and those who have
collaborated with community partners in significant ways to work toward the common good.
Each is accompanied by a $750 prize.
Celebrations of our achievements are how we affirm our heritage and long-standing values, as
well as how we support and affirm change. As we continue to encourage our commitment to
diversity, access, and inclusion, as well as community engagement. These awards have
become an integral part of our efforts to be a celebrative community, rewarding the good work in
which our students and colleagues are engaged.
The following honors will be awarded along with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Distinguished
Service Awards, which were selected earlier.
The first category is the Diversity Advocate Award. Three of these awards will be given: one
for the Student Diversity Advocate, another for the Faculty Diversity Advocate, and a third for
the Staff Diversity Advocate. Award recipients will have exhibited excellence in promoting
inclusion on campus by engaging in activities that (a) create a welcoming campus environment
for students, employees, and community members from diverse groups, particularly those
historically underrepresented and/or underserved by higher education; (b) support programs
that celebrate the unique contributions of diverse groups and promote intercultural
understanding; and (c) help create a just community on campus.
The second category is the Engaged University Citizen Award. Again, the work of Boyer
informs how this category is conceptualized. In Scholarship Reconsidered, Boyer outlined a
paradigm for faculty scholarly activity that included the scholarship of application, which was
defined as "extending and applying knowledge to address consequential outreach and
community service issues." I believe this also applies to the work of staff in an academic setting.
Consequently, the Engaged University Citizen Award will be presented to a staff member who,
using their professional knowledge and skills, works to address a significant social problem in
the community in a manner that is mutually beneficial to the public and Wright State University.
To nominate someone for these awards, submit a nomination letter, not to exceed two pages,
that addresses how the individual exemplifies the description and spirit of the award, as well as
a copy of the individual's resume/vita. Please provide the individual's name and campus contact
information, including office/department, campus phone, and email address. THE DEADLINE
The awards will be presented at a reception on March 28, 2016 at 2 p.m. in the Endeavor
Room. We hope you will join us. Look for your personal invitation soon!