This work involves study the effect of cigarettes smoking yields on the corrosion behavior of amalgam in artificial saliva at
pH = 6.2 and 37 0c using potentiodynamic measurements at scan rate 3mV.sec-1 by saturation the saliva with smoking yields of 3,
6, 9, 12 and 15 cigarettes. The corrosion parameters indicate than corrosion potential value shifts to active direction with
increasing the saturation of cigarettes smoking yields. Corrosion current density became higher after saturated with 3, 6, and 9
cigarettes yields, i.e. increases in corrosion rate due to increasing of heat and decreasing of pH to 5.51, while after continuously
saturated with 12 and 15 cigarettes yields the corrosion current density decreases due to adsorption of some molecules from
composition of cigarettes smoking such as poly aromatic hydrocarbons and amines on amalgam surface leading to behave as
inhibitor to make a barrier between amalgam and saliva as shown from FTIR spectra of cigarette compositions and for adsorption
film on amalgam surface. While the microstructure investigation indicate that the corrosion will increase after remove the formed
film by cleaning the teeth or by eating and drinking, i.e. the smoking increase the corrosion of amalgam even after long period
time of exposure to smoking yields.