Internship & Summer Job Search The Pennsylvania State University

Internship & Summer Job Search
The Pennsylvania State University
• Importance of gaining “real world” experience
• Types of experiential opportunities
• Resources for contacts
• Landing the internship/summer job
• What employers look for
• Getting the most out of the experience
Avoid the “catch 22”
• Benefits of internships:
– gain first-hand knowledge of the what the job is really
like on a day-to-day basis
– marketable addition to a professional resume
– opportunity to apply theory to practice
– networking contacts for future job searching
– gain confidence in abilities as a professional member
of the workforce
Making the most of your summer
• Internships
• Summer jobs
• Co-op
• EXTERNships
• Volunteerism
Identify & Research
Prospective Employers
• Faculty/staff in your College
• Office of Student Employment
• Pattee Library
• Career Information Center -- 410 Boucke
Internship & Summer Job Directories
Job Choice Annuals
“Best Temporary Job” cards
Vacancy Announcements
Open the Door to Opportunity
• Analyze your skills, interests and academic & career
• Focus your options by connecting your skills, etc. to your
prospective employers
• Market yourself to the prospective employers you have
• Establish your learning agreement with your employer
Employers’ Wish List
• Emphasis varies from employer to employer
Good grades
Related experience
Leadership qualities
Strong interpersonal skills
Motivated to career field and/or company
• One Universal Trait:
“a winning attitude . . . the desire to succeed”
from Peterson’s “Internships 2000”
Make it count & you will win!
Ask questions -- be curious
Volunteer to help on projects -- go the extra mile
Follow through on assignments -- deadlines count
Learn the company culture -- try to fit in
Add value -- it can be a win-win combination
Many interns are offered full-time positions!
413 Boucke