Art438 Worksheet Elevador Pitch

Worksheet #3: Elevator Pitch
Name: ___________________
Professional Character & Qualities
1. What is your discipline?
2. What attracted you to this discipline?
3. Do you specialize within your discipline? If so, what is your
1. What is the focus of your work?
2. Is there an overall goal in your work that you are trying to achieve? For
example: Are you trying to facilitate social chance? Are you trying to gain a
certain position? Are you seeking to publish? To exhibit? Do you want to
be a part of a firm? To you want to start your own business?
3. How does your work fit within the context of your field? For example:
Are you trying to redefine an existing idea? Are you trying to add to an
existing idea? Are you trying to innovate? Are you trying to fit within an
existing standard?
1. What are your strengths in your discipline?
2. What specific skill sets do you have?
3. What specifically, do you do within your discipline?
4. Is there something you hope to do or learn that you are still developing?
If so, what is it?