P2P Application Form Western Balkans OGP Convention 2015 [Insert title of your event]

P2P Application Form
P2P Evaluation Form Template [Insert title of
Western Balkans
OGP Convention 2015
your event]
Tirana, Albania ⎢ 10-11 September 2015
[Insert: Venue, Date]
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in participation in Western Balkans OGP Convention 2015.
Please, complete this form in order to qualify for the participant selection process. Kindly use the tab key to move
from field to field and do not use the diacritical marks when entering your information. Your personal information will
not be shared with third parties outside of TACSO context, but information on your organisation will be available in
TACSO online database of CSOs.
We will inform you of the outcome of the selection process in due course and no later than two weeks after expiration
of Open Call deadline.
With best regards,
Personal information
Your official position:
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Information on the organisation that you
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Name of organisation in local language:
Postal address:
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Your direct telephone:
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Social media addresses:
Organisation's type1:
Organisation's 1st main area of activities2:
1 Please, select one of the following options: Business, Civil Society Organisation (Citizens Association, NGO), Civil initiative or
(informal) group, Coalition or platform, CSO national network, CSO regional network, Entrepreneurship, Foundation, Government
body or agency, International organization, Local/regional administration, Media, Social Entrepreneurship, Trade Union, Other
Organisation's 2nd main area of activities3:
Professional experience
Please, list three work experiences that you judge to be most relevant for this Open Call; including in each instance
the information on the employer, the duration of the assignment and short description of your duties. Your
description should not exceed the length of this page
2 and 3Please select one of the following options: Building and development of local community; Business, professional and
specialist interests; Children and youth; Civil Society Development; Culture and arts; Culture of peace and non-violence; Education
and research; Ethnic communities and minorities; Health and health care issues; Human rights; Legislation, advocacy and public
policy; People with disabilities; Protection of environment; Socio-humanitarian problems; Sports; Sustainable development;
Women's human rights
Motivation for participation
Briefly explain your motivation for participation in this event.
Your answer should not exceed 12 lines of text.
How do you see your contribution to this event?
Your answer should not exceed 12 lines of text.
TACSO may ask participants in events for follow-up engagement, such as presentations at
information events, sharing of experiences, etc. Would you be willing to take part in such follow up