Application Instructions

Application Instructions
All applications must be typed.
Please put all award applications in the same binder in the following order.
o Chapter Introduction Sheet
o Values and Identity
o Alumnae Relations
o Chapter Leadership
o Community Relations
o Community Service and Philanthropy
o New Member Programming
o Programming
o Scholarship
All documentation and supplemental information must be included in the binder and marked with the
coordinating tabs for each award that is being applied for.
For each question that the chapter fulfills, please mark an “X” on the blank space next to each question
and provide the required documentation. Documentation may include minutes from meetings,
agendas, programs, invitations, etc. Please make sure you specify where the documentation can be
found in your binder. If documentation calls for your chapter’s bylaws or policies, please highlight the
section the committee should refer to.
 For example:
X 1.The chapter provides scholarship programming specifically targeted for new members.
Documentation must include the topics that were discussed and the dates of the events. Please include any
handouts from the event.
Documentation: See Label 1______________________________
If the chapter does not complete a question, please mark N/A in the blank and explain in paragraph
format, why your chapter doesn’t do it. Please label all N/A statements and include them on the
documentation line.
When answering the questions, the chapter should only use programs that happened during the 2011
calendar year (January 2011-December 2011).
All chapter and individual award applications need to be returned to the Office of Student Involvement and
Leadership Development, Campus Life Building Room 150 by 4:00pm on March 9th. All chapter and
individual award winners will be announced at the Greek Awards Reception.
Revised: July 27, 2011