Diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

General Information
The Faculty of Engineering offers a program leading to a Diploma in Technology Management and
Entrepreneurship, administered by the Dr. J. Herbert Smith/ACOA Chair. The mission of the program
is to provide undergraduate and continuing education students opportunities to experience the
realities of entrepreneurship and management in technology-based businesses and to develop the
knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in business. The Diploma program consists of three
core courses and two electives, each of three credit hours. In selecting courses, students will be
advised to develop a curriculum that builds skills in three key areas: business management,
entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.
Up to twelve credit hours of the courses used for credit towards the TME diploma can be used for
credit towards another degree. Each department shall determine its own maximum allowable
concurrent credit hours, which may be less than, but no greater than twelve credit hours. Core
courses required for an Undergraduate degree cannot be shared with the TME Diploma.
Students who intend to complete the diploma must obtain both department and TME program
approval of the courses which will be applied towards the degree and the diploma.
A minimum of 80 credit hours completed, or permission of the program Chair, is required in order to
enroll in the TME Diploma or any TME course. Applicants who are not full-time students may still apply
for the TME Diploma (or enroll in one or more TME courses). These applicants may be requested to
submit the following documents along with their TME Diploma Application:
High School transcript;
transcript from post secondary institution;
resume/curriculum vitae;
cover letter explaining their reasons for wanting to enroll in the TME Diploma program;
any additional supporting documents.
The TME Diploma is granted to students achieving a grade of C or better in all of three core TME
courses and two approved elective courses.
It may be possible to complete some TME courses online through the College of Extended Learning’s
Open Access Learning Program. Please consult the Dr. J. Herbert Smith Centre for more information.
Core Courses
TME3013 Entrepreneurial Finance
TME3113 Business Planning and Strategy in an Entrepreneurial Environment
TME3213 Quality Management
TME3313 Managing Engineering and Information Technology Projects
TME3413 Technological Creativity and Innovation
TME3423 Technological Risk and Opportunity
Students must complete three of these six Core Courses.
The Dr. J. Herbert Smith Centre has a list of recommended electives that relate to the mission of the
program. Courses may be chosen to reflect the interests of the student, subject to approval by the
Chair. Additional electives offered by the TME program include:
TME3346 Marketing of Technological Goods and Services
TME3386 Special Topics in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
TME3396 Special Topics in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
TME3913 Experiential Learning - Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
Students must complete two approved electives.