Physics 430 – Reading Quiz for Lab 4 – 28... Dr. Colton, Winter 2010 Each question is worth 5 points

Physics 430 – Reading Quiz for Lab 4 – 28 Jan 2009
Dr. Colton, Winter 2010
Name: _________________________________
Each question is worth 5 points
1. Are you physically present in the lab right now? (Circle one)
2. Did you do the reading assignment for today?
(Circle one) Yes No
(Typically this means at least 20 minutes looking over the assigned laboratory.)
3. The types of functions involved in the solution of the “hanging chain” equation are:
a. Bessel functions
b. Conic sections
c. Logarithms
d. Polynomials
e. Sines/Cosines
4. Suppose you are using a cell-centered grid with ghost points (domain goes from 0 to L), and
are solving a generalized eigenvalue problem: Af = Bf. If A and B are first initialized like this:
A = zeros(N+2,N+2); B = eye(N+2,N+2);
figure out how the N+2nd rows of A and B would need to be changed in order to impose the
following boundary condition:
f ( L)  0
Write down the two to four Matlab commands you would need to use.