L -F Lesson Plan Learning Goals for this Lesson






Lesson Plan

Plan for the concept, topic, or skill – Not for the class period

Learning Goals for this Lesson

Students will know How to use Alice programming environment to create Alice programs Name: Art Galicia Unit 1: Introduction to Alice (Day 2 of 5) Topic: Standards Students will do A storyboard to guide their Alice world

Lesson Essential Question

What directions can an Alice object move?

Activating Strategy:

objects move Open a new Alice world and make

Key vocabulary to preview and vocabulary strategy world, object, play, gallery, scene editor, initial scene, camera, file management

Lesson Instruction

Learning Activity 1 Open new Alice world “saving it” to specific file. Add objects and make them smaller and moving them around to get the idea of the area the camera is facing and how it can go under the ground or off camera view. Assessment Prompt for LA 1 Open new world and add 5 different characters and double them in size name the world and save onto Google drive. Learning Activity 2 Making objects move, adding 5 animal characters. Each character will make a movement Graphic Organizer Assessment Prompt for LA 2 Adding characters with movement and different “Duration” to each character along with movements. Learning Activity 3 Journal entries and input the thoughts of the stories they are creating and discuss the importance of jotting the experience of each lesson they are learning. Assessment Prompt for LA 3 Input the lesson learned today and struggles they are experiencing with their Alice world. Assignment Create a storyboard to come up with idea for a story and create storyboard in order. © L EARNING -F OCUSED . All Rights Reserved.