PEMDAS Lesson Plan Mathematics (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally)

PEMDAS Lesson Plan
(Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally)
North Carolina curriculum alignment
Goal 5: Algebra - The learner will demonstrate an understanding of simple
algebraic expressions.
Objective 5.01:
Grade Level:
Simplify numerical expressions using order of operations
Middle School
Alice Video. Because students have done this from year to year, the Alice Video can be
used as motivation for the lesson, re-teaching of the concept or to see what
students know about PEMDAS. Also a great way to introduce order of
operation for the first with a different method.
1. After the video, I may begin the lesson by giving each of the students the initials “PEMDS”
on the board or a sheet of paper and have them give what each letter stands for (Parenthesis,
Exponents, Multiply and Divide from left to right, and finally, Add and Subtract from left
to right.)- then discuss.
2. Then I may give the students the opportunity to design their own phrase for remembering
this concept.
3. Examples are given to the students, being sure to include fractions and decimals, then have
a students go to the board/overhead to work a problems and explain to the class.
4. Students will then do ten problems on their own. (Often students can work only two or
three of the problems and have them checked (a must) before they move on.
5. Afterwards. students will get the assignment for the day and complete or turn in for
homework along with the homework assignment if not completed by the end of the period.
Also students may be assigned to create 5 problems, work them out and turn them in. Some
of these problems may be used on a quiz which will be their short term assessment.