Social Work Program Advisory Board By-Laws

Longwood University Social Work Program Advisory Board By-Laws
April 14, 2011
Article I
The name of the organization shall be the Longwood University Social Work Program Advisory
Board (hereafter referred to as the Advisory Board).
Article II
The purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist in program development, provide professional
support and expertise, and provide a forum for ongoing exchanges between the professional
social work community, the community-at-large, and the Social Work Program.
Article III
The functions of this Advisory Board shall be:
1. To support the educational endeavors and integrity of the Longwood University Social
Work Program.
2. To provide its professional expertise and knowledge of the social service needs and
resources with the Social Work Program and the community at large.
3. To promote the Social Work profession and program to the larger community.
Article IV
Section 1. The membership of the Advisory Board shall be no less than 8 nor more than 20
Section 2. The membership shall seek to include, but not be limited to, representative from
public and private social service agencies, alumni, the business community, and three social
work student representatives selected by the faculty and the social work student association.
Section 2a. New members shall be selected based on recommendation of Advisory Board
Section 3. Social Work Program Faculty members will serve as non-voting members of the
Advisory Board.
Section 4. The Social Work program coordinator or their designee shall serve as the liaison to the
Advisory Board.
Section 5. Members shall be appointed for a four year term with the opportunity to serve a
second term. Student members can serve multiple years under student association
Section 6. Each member shall have one vote, with the exception of the Chairperson, who will
vote only in the case of a tie.
Article V
Section 1. The elected officers of the Advisory Board shall be a Chairperson and Secretary.
Section 2. Officers shall have the following duties:
Chairperson: to preside at meetings of the Advisory Board and generally act as an official
spokesperson for the Advisory Board. Chairperson is to remain in regular contact with Program
Secretary: to keep minutes of meetings of the Advisory Board and distribute to members.
Section 3. Officers shall serve a two year term in office and will be eligible for one additional
consecutive term.
Article VI
Section 1. The Advisory Board shall meet two times during the academic year, once in the fall
and once in the spring. Each will include reports from the program coordinator and student
Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or by program coordinator. The
purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.
Section 3. The quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the membership of the Advisory
Board to conduct business.
Section 4. Members are expected to attend at least one Board meeting per academic year. If a
member misses three consecutive meetings, the member will be dismissed from the Board.
Article VII
Section 1. A standing Executive Committee shall consist of the officers: Chairperson and
Section 2. Ad hoc subcommittee chairpersons may be appointed by the Board Chairperson or
Executive Committee to address specific issues identified by the Advisory Board.
Section 3. It is the responsibility of the ad hoc subcommittee chairperson to form the committee.
Article VIII
Amendments to the By-Laws
These by-laws shall continue in force, and may be amended by the Advisory Board. A copy of
the proposed amendment shall be included in the written notice of the meeting.
Article IX
Effective Date
The effective date of these by-laws, as approved by the Advisory Board is (date).