Entry Agreement

Thorne Prize Entry Agreement
Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education
Entry Agreement
The Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education is a $25,000 cash prize awarded to
the best student-led venture focused on social innovation in health or education. The prize will
be awarded in the spring of each year to support a student or group of students beginning or
continuing to develop a social enterprise or innovation focused on health or education.
By submitting an application for the Thorne Prize, organized by InnovateHealth Yale, each
entrant listed below agrees to the following conditions:
Originality of Plan: The ideas and concepts set forth in the application must be the
original work of the entrants, and the entrant is not under any agreement or restrictions
that prohibit or restrict his or her ability to disclose or submit such ideas or concepts for
the Prize.
Eligibility: All full-time and part-time Yale students at all levels of education and from
any department, registered in the current year of the competition (Fall 2015 and Spring
2016), are eligible to enter. Individuals that do not meet this requirement may join or
form teams, provided that at least one of the principal contestants on the team is a
current Yale student. Teams are encouraged to seek the involvement of people inside
and outside the Yale community. The size of a team is not restricted, and neither is the
number of entries submitted by a team or an individual. However, participants in the
Thorne Prize are strongly encouraged to only enter one time, as this is the most
effective way for an individual or team to learn from the competition process in a
focused manner.
Compliance with Guidelines of the Competition: Each entrant has reviewed the 2016
Information Packet and by his or her signature below certifies that this entry complies
with the guidelines and agrees to abide by the guidelines.
Prize: The prize will be distributed in the amount described in the guidelines. The Prize
winner has until December 31, 2016 to claim the prize. The prize money will be issued in
the name of the principal entrant. The winning team will be asked to provide semiannual updates for the 18 months following the awarding of the prize. As a condition of
receiving the prize, the Executive Director of IHY, or a designee, will sit on the board of
Thorne Prize Entry Agreement
the awardee’s organization for a period of three years or an otherwise mutually agreedto term.
Waivers and Releases: Each entrant understands that each of the Prize’s co-sponsors,
mentors, judges, co-organizers (collectively the “Prize Officials”) and each of the
directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, and agents of InnovateHealth Yale
(collectively the “Organizer Representatives”) are volunteers and are under no
obligation to render any advice or service to any entrant. The views expressed by the
Prize Officials and the Organizer Representatives are their own and not those of
InnovateHealth Yale or any other person. Each entrant also understands and agrees that
although the Competition Officials have taken and will take reasonable care to ensure
confidentiality of the ideas and plans submitted by the entrants, the legal protection of
the ideas and plans submitted by the entrants for the Prize is otherwise the sole
responsibility of the entrant. In consideration of the time, expertise, and other resources
provided by the Prize Officials and Organizer Representatives to the Competition, each
entrant hereby voluntarily releases InnovateHealth Yale, each Prize Official and each
Organizer Representative from any further liabilities, responsibilities, and
accountabilities relating to or arising out of such Prize Officials or Organizer
Representatives’ participation in the Prize.
Title of the Idea:
Entrants (Team Members): List principal entrant (point-of-contact) first.
For more information about the Thorne Prize, please visit innovatehealth.yale.edu/prize or
contact Martin Klein at ihy@yale.edu.