Appendix A. Sample items of Maslach Burnout Inventory

Appendix A. Sample items of Maslach Burnout Inventory
Emotional exhaustion: I feel emotionally drained from my work.
Depersonalization: I feel I treat some recipients as if they were impersonal objects.
Personal accomplishment: In my work, I deal with emotional problems very calmly.
Appendix B. Sample items of Cultural Dimensions Scale
Power Distance: My behavior toward others does not depend on their age or social status.
Individualism/Collectivism: In my opinion, children had better live with their parents until they
get married.
Masculinity/Femininity: In the family, the standard pattern is that the father earns and the mother
Uncertainty Avoidance: I prefer a predictable and routine life to a life with unpredictable events.
Long-term/Short-term Orientation: I maintain that traditions belong to the past and no longer
need to be respected.
Indulgence/Restraint: Taking all things together, I would say that I am a happy person.