520 and 5500-693-021 by P-12 Theatre Arts majors)

The University of Akron
Field Experience Information
Course Name: Methods of Teaching Elementary Art (Taken in lieu of 5500520 and 5500-693-021 by P-12 Theatre Arts majors)
Learning Outcomes:
 Explore methods for research, planning, instructing and assessing
elementary art curricula
 Make informed selection of instruction content
 Use a comprehensive plan with knowledge of diverse student
characteristics, abilities and learning styles to plan appropriate
 Practice strategies in developing art activities for exceptional and
culturally diverse populations
 Develop lessons demonstrating a working knowledge of DisciplineBased Art Education in accordance with National standards for Arts
 Understand and apply meaningful self-assessment and student
 Learn to be sensitive observers in the classroom
 Create effective instructional environments conducive to learning
 Integrate various technologies in instruction and development of
student curricula
 Begin developing portfolio materials for future interviewing with school
Student Assignments/Requirements:
 Observe and assist in instruction when applicable
 Teacher evaluation
 Student Journal
 Photo evidence
Field Placement Office: 330-972-8144