ST361 HW2 (due Thursday, 9/12/13)
(a) Show your work in order to earn the full credit. This means that you have to present
your steps or explain your reasoning for the answers you obtain, rather than just to
write down the answer itself.
Note that answers without steps or reasoning will receive 0 credits even if the answers
are correct!
(b) Remember to staple your homework and write your name on your homework. You’ll
lose 5 points if not.
1) 2.15 (p.77) (a)(b)
2) 2.16 (p.77) (a)
3) 2.39 (p.87) (a)(b)(c). For (c), comment on center, shape, spread, outlier
and overall trend when you do the comparison.
4) 2.61 (p.97) Denote the new mean as new and the new SD as snew
5) 5.2 (a)(b)(c)(d) (p.197)
6) 5.9 (p.203)
7) 5.62 (p.239)