Graduate Assistant, Student Life Assessment Student Success

The University of Akron
The University: The University of Akron is a major, metropolitan, state assisted university. The University has a long tradition
of serving the needs of part-time and full-time students through day and evening classes, and it attracts traditional-age students
and adult students of all economic, social and ethnic backgrounds. The 218-acre campus, with more than 80 buildings, is within
walking distance of downtown Akron which is located in northeast Ohio with a population of greater than 3 million.
The Department of Student Life: The Department of Student Life is housed in the Student Union. The Student Union is a
192,500 square foot facility that features various eateries including Auntie Anne’s, Panda Express, Chick-fil-A and
Starbucks, PNC Bank, Barnes & Noble bookstore, student organization offices, game room, theatre, information center, copy
center, meeting rooms, event spaces, and administrative offices.
The Position: The Graduate Assistant, Student Life Administration reports to the Executive Director, Student Union. The
Department of Student Life includes 7 professional staff, 2 full-time support staff, 10 graduate assistants and over 120 student
Responsibilities: Characteristic duties and responsibilities of the Graduate Assistant, Student Life Administration include:
 Assessment: Develop a comprehensive assessment program (qualitative & quantitative) based on the continuum of
assessment to monitor the learning outcomes and satisfaction with programming and departmental services.
 Benchmarking: Work with all areas of the department to benchmark as requested.
 Planning: Prepare annual workshops and training opportunities for staff and student employees to learn about
assessment techniques & opportunities; recommend staff professional development opportunities relating to
 Student Development: Participate in the department’s student employment program to help develop, mentor and
retain student employees.
 Staff Training: Provide assessment tools as necessary.
 Administer: Assist in administration of the Student Life student employment program by conducting orientations,
overseeing the mentor program, assisting in the search, interview, and performance review processes that occur in
the department, and assist in updating and maintaining the student employee manual and the Standard Operating
Procedures manual.
 Consult: Consult any areas needing extra assistance administering the student employment program.
 Recognition: Implement the incentive and recognition programs including Department Fun Days and Raving Roos.
 Maintain: Maintain student employee files including grades and disciplinary actions, working in collaboration with
Administrative Assistant, Department of Student Life.
 Assist Executive Director, Student Union: Assist Executive Director, Student Union with special projects and
perform other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: The Graduate Assistant, Student Life Administration must be well-organized, high-energy person with:
 A bachelor’s degree and pursuing a master’s degree in education or business administration.
 Undergraduate experience in student affairs, student activities, or student unions.
 Experience working with students of diverse educational, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.
 Excellent written and oral communications skills.
 Demonstrated collegiate leadership involvement.
Physical Requirements: Job is physically comfortable; individual is normally seated and has discretion about walking,
standing, etc; may occasionally lift very lightweight objects.
Working Conditions: Standard working environment with possible minor inconveniences due to occasional noise, crowded
working conditions, minor heating/cooling or ventilation problems, and/or up to 70% use of PC terminal.
Revised 2/3/16