Demonstration Programs

Resilience and Social Emotional Learning Demonstration Programs
Many of the following programs were recommended by schools and families in military
impacted districts – they may or may not have sufficient evidence to show their
effectiveness, often because they are smaller programs designed for the specific needs of
the school population.
Girls and Boys Town Social Skills is a leader in the treatment and care of abused,
abandoned and neglected girls and boys. Throughout its nearly 90-year history, the
nonprofit, nonsectarian organization has provided children with a safe, caring, loving
environment where they gain confidence to get better and learn skills to become
productive citizens. The organization has also developed books and resources to assist the
general population of children including resources on social skills, bullying prevention,
parenting, and classroom management.
Free the Horses: A Self-Esteem Adventure is a video and discussion lesson series by
Michael H. Popkin and Susan Greathead that teaches children in grades 1 to 4 to believe
in themselves, their talents and their dreams. The program is divided into 11 lessons
designed to last 30-45 minutes each. The story centers on the adventures of Kelly and her
friends as they face a variety of problems that children face every day. The characters
learn to handle their problems positively and courageously, while developing character
along the way. Free The Horses is divided into 11 video and discussion lessons, designed
to last 30-45 minutes each, with 9 optional lessons. Teacher’s Guides accompany each
lesson. An Activity and Adventure Guide includes activities that reinforce the skills
taught in the videos, and can be used at day camps, PE classes, scouting, or after-school
programs. or
Character Counts! is the most widely implemented approach to character education,
reaching millions of youth. The CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition is a diverse,
nonpartisan alliance of hundreds of human-service and educational organizations that
seek to develop core ethical values that transcend political, religious, class and ethnic
divisions. These values, called the “Six Pillars of Character,” are trustworthiness, respect,
responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. CHARACTER COUNTS! serves as a
clearinghouse of programs and publications in the field of values education and provides
networking opportunities for its members at yearly get-togethers in Washington, D.C.
The program has received Congressional bipartisan support.