Welcome to Park & Ride!!

Welcome to Park & Ride!!
Please fill out this survey before we begin our fun weekend together. This will not take very long to do.
Please enter the participant number on your nametag:
Please select the grade that you are in now:
( ) 6th
Why are you attending this program? Check all that apply.
[ ] Have fun
Learn more about Rochester Institute of Technology
Learn about what engineers do
Learn more about different engineering majors in college
To design and build things
Help me do well in school
Meet others with interests similar to mine
My parent/guardian told me about it
Meet fun college students who are excited about engineering
To learn more about teamwork
My parents/guardians wanted me to
Have something to do
Not sure
How many people do you know who are engineers, scientists or computer experts?
( ) None
Three or more
Don’t Know
Who do you know that is an engineer, scientist or computer expert? Check all that apply.
[ ] Mother
Other relative
Family friend
My classmate’s parent
My friend’s parent
Explore the Engineering Experience
Instructions: Indicate how you feel about each statement. There is no right or wrong answer. We
would like to know what you think about engineers and engineering.
Absolutely! Yes
Maybe No
No Way!
Don’t Know
Engineers work on things that change the world. ( )
Engineers are professional problem solvers.
Engineers make lots of money.
Engineers get to work with great people.
Engineering is a team effort.
Engineers have lots of career options and can work anywhere.
An engineering degree is good preparation for many different careers.
Progress towards an Engineering Career
Instructions: Indicate how you feel about each statement.
Absolutely! Yes
Maybe No
No Way!
Don’t Know
I think it is important to take math and science classes to prepare for a career in engineering. ( )
I am interested in studying engineering in college.
I like learning about engineering.
I know about pre-engineering courses offered at my school.
If available, I will enroll in pre-engineering courses at my school.
I know about team-based design/build clubs in my school.
If available, I will join a design-based design/build club at my school.
I understand what the math and science requirements are for admittance into an engineering program.
I plan on taking these courses in high school.
In the future, I want to be an engineer.
In the past, have you attended any other science, technology or engineering programs, events or clubs?
( ) Yes
How many science, technology or engineering programs have you attended?
( ) None
5 or more