Ideas for the Departments and Safety Committees

Ideas for
the Departments and
Safety Committees
What can we do with the college
community to prepare for emergencies?
Don’t assume we know
Have staff, teachers, administrators, and
yourself take a quick quiz on preparedness
from the American Red Cross:
Read or Not Quiz for Businesses
(OK. We can change that to …Schools)
Is it there? Check.
If not, lobby until it is included.
Does the Student Handbook have
emergency procedures?
 Is it in Student Orientations?
 Do staff and teacher orientations cover
basic procedures?
For faculty: Lynne Dodson
For Staff: Ryan de la Rosa (HR)
Where else could it be?
Offer Free Workshops
American Red Cross in Seattle
– Workplace preparedness: 60-90 min.
Contact Kelly Kasper: 726-3507
– Personal preparedness: Contact Carol Dunn
at 323-2345
City of Seattle Office of Emergency
– Tracy Connelly at 615-0287
– You can also take a tour of their facilities.
Routine Communications
Start a monthly informational email with
one tip or action people can take.
Example can be Washington Military
Department’s Prepare in a Year.
Use Google language to translate
communications to ESL students.
Promote and Participate in State
and National Months
April is Emergency Preparedness Month in
Washington State: Participate in drills and
activities. They ask for state-wide participation
in an earthquake drill. 2008 Earthquake Drill
letter and suggested activities.
September is National Emergency Preparedness
Month: Participate in drills and activities.
Set up yearly schedule drills and activities
with different scenarios: earthquake, fire,
bomb threat, lock down, etc.
Create Day of Action: college community
wide events with speakers, displays,
information and drills.
Have routine table at events, like President’s Day.
Campus Alert System: All registered students, staff and
faculty sign up to receive emails and text messages
when an emergency occurs. SSCC does this. Contact:
Christa Colouzis
National Student Safety and Security Conference: for all
levels of educational institutions. Flier for November,
2008 conference.
Create Basic Plan
Washington State has
– School Basic Emergency Plan: templates
already created for schools to adapt and
– 12 Steps to School Planning: Do one step per
City of Seattle Office of Emergency
Management: For businesses.
King County Office of Emergency Management:
Workplace prep.
Washington Military Department: Preparation
for schools.
US Department of Education: Planning for
Red Cross of Seattle: Prepare your workplace
American Red Cross: Prepare at work.