Recommendations by prior Biol 241 students

What recommendations would you give to students who are going to take A&P I?
Winter 2015 Biology 241: A&P I
1. Key to studying and doing well on exams: Get started on the study objectives as soon
as possible! Answer every question on paper as if they were assigned for homework.
Take notes on study guide and use textbook for reference. Don’t be afraid to ask
questions and answer outloud in class.
2. Keep going strong till the end. Nervous system is the hardest. Study every day.
3. Take good notes. Remember that the A&P book exists, use it if unclear on material.
4. Go to open lab and study the material ahead of time. Don’t wait the last week. Review
the lecture notes every day; it’s extremely helpful.
5. Never, ever, EVER cram. Study sufficiently every day. Don’t miss class! You will
miss important points if you do. Take good notes and refer to them when studying. Make
the most out of lab and come to open lab as much as you can. Make connections between
the material and your body. Use body as cheat sheet! Make your study serious fun. Get
enough sleep!
6. Study ahead of time. List to Dr. Gong’s advice for study tips! Take good notes, if
you’re absent ask someone for notes. Use open lab for studying!
7. Start the objectives right away.
8. Possibly taking Bio 160. It’s not often suggested by advisors. But I* think will help
students gain foundation. {Note: it is now a prerequisite for the class.}
9. Please don’t slack, you’ll regret it.
10. Take your time and make sure to give all your time to this class.
11. Make sure you study every day.
12. Study every day and go to open lab.
13. Study the objectives and take really really detailed notes directly into the objective
14. Spend time in this class. Go to open labs. Ask questions to the instructor. Mr. Gong is
very helpful, always discuss with other students.
15. STUDY. Everyday. Review earlier sections frequently. Ask questions. Engage in
class discussions.
16. Put a lot of hours studying.