Symphonical: A great tool for collaboration, schedualing, and organizing!

Department Chairs: Want an easy-to-use tool to aid in scheduling courses?
Committee Chairs: Want an easy way to create an agenda, organize tasks, and
check off when items are completed?
Faculty: Want an easy-to-use tool for brainstorming?
Researchers: Want an easy-to-use tool to organize qualitative data?
Symphonical is the answer!
Tool Identification and location:
Symphonical is an easy-to-use tool that is quite versatile. You can access
symphonical here. You do need to sign up for this tool, but it is free. Check out the
tour to see how it works.
You can create groups, tasks, or schedules, move tasks or items around by simply
clicking and dragging, and write notes. For those researching, you can easily put
your data in notes and organize into themes. Students can easily access this site
and brainstorm ideas, then organize them into like ideas.
I used this tool to organize a conference I am planning. Below is a print screen of
how I used it. You will notice the times on the left and the “categories” of panels
on the right. At the top, you will see the people I have invited to use this tool.
They can add and edit entries and color code if they wish, such as one person did
(so if you wanted to use this in a class, you could ask to color code, thus being
able to assess what students have added to the group). The checkmarks show a
task was completed (or in this instance, the session has all its presenters and a
description has been created). I easily can click on an item and drag it to another
slot. Imagine the ease in creating a schedule!
Each square is like a post-it note, but you can also open up the square and write
notes (or tasks). You can edit the squares, include deadlines, comment on others’
notes, add attachments, and much more (see below for an example)
You will notice a trashcan. You can “trash” notes you no longer need. Notes are
removed from the grid, but can be brought back should you decide you want to
use them again. Once you have finished a task, you can place a checkmark on it.
You could easily use this tool for committee work assignments, student
brainstorming, and collaboration of projects.
Symphonial is a simple yet robust tool that can be used in several different ways.
Check it out and see if it works for you!