Unit 5 Lesson Plan

Westside High School 2014-2015
Geometry Prep: Unit 5: Special Segments and Inequalities
Stage 1 – Desired Results
 G.2.B make conjectures about angles, lines, polygons, circles, and three‐dimensional figures and determine
the validity of the conjectures, choosing from a variety of approaches such as
coordinate, transformational, or axiomatic
 G.3.B construct and justify statements about geometric figures and their properties
 G.4.A select an appropriate representation (concrete, pictorial, graphical, verbal, or symbolic) in order to solve
 G.5.A use numeric and geometric patterns to develop algebraic expressions representing geometric
 G.7.C derive and use formulas involving length, slope, and midpoint
Enduring Understandings: Essential Question(s):
Student objectives (outcomes):
 Students will be able
 How does
to evaluate interior
and exterior angle
postulates help us
sums of triangles.
solve geometric
 Students can
determine class of
 How does the ability to
triangle by angle size
prove angle and
and side length.
segment length relate
 Students can
to the world around
describe the
properties used to
solve algebraic
 Students can
determine triangle
Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence
Performance Task(s) and Other Evidence:
SO 4.1
SO 4.7
SO 4.2-6
Exit Ticket
Math Quick Write
Warm-up quiz
Summative (Attach copy)
Quiz 5.2
Quiz 5.1
Unit 5 Exam
Stage 3 – Learning Plan
DIFFERENTIATION (I-3) There are several ways to individualize instruction for your students
How will I scaffold and/or accelerate learning? For whom? How will I group my students?
SCAFFOLD: Will not start the differentiation process until beginning of 3 rd week of school when 2 exit tickets and a
quiz has been gathered.
ACCELERATE: There will always be extension puzzles; challenges question cards, and worksheets accessible to
my faster learners. Also enlisting them in the anchor chart making process or helping other students will also
increase the rigor because being able to teach or explain a concept to another person demonstrates true mastery of
an objective.
GROUP: Exit ticket scores will dictate what needs to be retaught whole group or small group. Will try to start pulling
small groups on block days, buts if not conducive with planning, will circulate during independent practice time to
my Tier 3 students and also pull them from small group tutorials during lunch.
Day 1:
10.29.14 &
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
11.05.14 &
Day 6:
5.2/5.3/5.4 Altitude, Median, Angle Bisector, and Perpendicular Bisector
HW-5.2,3,4 Practice
5.1 Midsegment Theorem
Quiz – 5.2,3,4
HW – 5.1 Practice
5.5 Use Inequalities in a Triangle
HW – Practice 5.5
Spiral Day – Make Up Day
Review for Test #6
Test #6