Sept 19, 2014

September 19, 2014 - Geometry
Lesson Focus:
Unit Name:
The Distance and Midpoint Formulas
Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
Students will be able to calculate distance and midpoints of lines on a
graph by completing the in-class worksheet.
GEOM.7C: Derive and use formulas involving horizontal, vertical, and
oblique distances, slope, and midpoint and use in context to
applications of distance and midpoint formulas.
TEKS Standards:
Key Vocabulary: What key terms will my students need to understand?
Assessment Plan:
Midpoint/Distance Worksheet, Student-Teacher interaction, Teacher Observation
Lesson Cycle:
Engage and Connect: How will I engage my students in learning? How will I
lead my students to mastery?
The teacher/students will…
Students will be given a scenario card upon entrance to the classroom.
- They will sit down and take out a pencil
- -Read the scenario on your card and wait for further instructions
Students will then find their partners and work through the different
scenarios solving for distance and midpoint.
Students can use graph paper, rulers, etc, to help them find a solution
for their problem.
Students will share out one solution for each scenario.
Introduce New Learning
The teacher will…(I do)
I will present a PowerPoint demonstrating how to solve a distance problem
and a midpoint problem.
Guided Practice:
The teacher/students will…(We do)
Teacher will model how to make a foldable for distance and midpoint,
working through examples with students.
Independent Practice:
The students will…(You do)
Complete Midpoint and Distance Worksheet
Differentiation: How will I scaffold and/or accelerate learning? For Whom? How will I
group my students?
Varied sources of problems, difficulty levels.
Students with special needs will be provided graphs that are already filled in with
numbers and labels and they need only color-in the different sections. Advanced
students will be required to plot a few points on their graphs.
Complete Midpoint/Distance Worksheet if not completed in class.