Nov 17 - Nov 21

Week of 11/17/14 – 11/21/14
Teacher: Ms. Wadih
Team: Algebra 1 PAP
Students will be able to write a linear equation from a linear graph in slope-intercept form.
Check homework (Graphing Linear Equations)
Guided practice: Writing Linear Equations – Count rise over run to determine slope; locate the yintercept; write function in the form y=mx+b
Independent practice: Write functions in slope intercept form given a graph, by determining slope and
the y-intercept
HW: Complete Writing Linear Equations handout; HW 4 Graphing Linear Equations
Unit 5 Quiz # 1 Slope and Linear Equations
Students will be able to write linear equations from graphs and from word problems and use
the functions to find specific values related to the problem.
STAAR Practice
Check homework
Guided Practice: Writing Linear Equations from word problems and finding solutions
Independent Practice: Linear Equation Word Problems
HW: HW 7 Linear Equation Word Problems
District Level Assessment Snapshot # 3
Progress report grades verified