Art 1 – Negative Space and creating a “Ground” to...

Negative Space
Art 1 – Negative Space and creating a “Ground” to Draw On
 In a painting or drawing, the space around the object is just as important as the
object itself. A good artist strives for a balance between the positive (the object)
space and the negative (background) space around it. The object of this lesson is
to work with the surrounding space.
 A heightened perception of negative space will tremendously improve the
handling of space in a more complicated composition. Our memory of things –
the left side of the brain at work – can actually inhibit our ability to see what is
really there.
1. Check your spot of space and shape the lines that make it, the angle – whether
they curve or not, which way, and how far. Check again against the frame.
2. Stay focused on the space. As for the chair itself – forget about it!
3. Keep one eye closed and find your next spot of space. Gaze continuously at one
of the negative spaces until it pops into focus as a shape. This takes a little time draw the SPACE - not the chair.
4. Compare the shapes of the negative space and the edges of those shapes. Are the
lines horizontal or vertical? Try to see the angle relative to horizontal or veridical
and draw what you see.
5. Begin to see new shape of negative space relative to the ones you have already
6. Draw each new “space shape” as you can see it. Work carefully, checking each
new shape, remembering they are all in relationship to each other.
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