Pre AP Week 9 Lesson Plan

Pre-AP Lesson Plans: Monday, October 20th- Friday, October 24th
Monday 10/13
Objective: I will be able to apply grammatical concepts to revising and editing.
1. Discuss calendar/tests
2. Revising and Editing Practice + Explanations
3. Procedural Documents Introduction page 620-624
Homework: Complete “Consumer Documents” chart- due on the block day
Tuesday 10/14
Objective: I will be able to assess my knowledge of author’s purpose.
1. Unit 2 Test (Multiple Choice)
Wednesday/Thursday 10/15-10/16
Objective: I will be able to annotate for rhetorical devices.
1. Shapshot #2
2. Grammar Warm Up
3. Watch “I Have a Dream” MLK Speech
4. Annotate for Rhetorical Devices (guided)
Homework: Short Answer Response due Friday
Friday 10/17
Objective: I will be able to read a piece of fiction and analyze for rhetorical devices and enhancement
of vocabulary.
1. Grammar Warm up
2. Audio of Michael J. Fox Speech
3. Analysis of Michael J. Fox speech using text book