Home Garden Report Template

identify the six weeks period (2nd SW, 3rd SW, etc)
Home Garden Report
Varieties, Planting Date and Size: identify the common names of each variety you are growing,
the approximate date it was started and the height (or some other way to measure growth)
-Broccoli 10/1/2013 5 cm
-Lettuce 10/1/2013 3.5 cm
-Parsley 10/9/2013 7 cm
Source of Plant: identify from where you acquired the seed or transplants, or where you started
the seeds
-Broccoli and Parsley transplant starters purchased at Lowes
-Lettuce started from seeds in the Urban Ag classroom
Growing Conditions and Time-span: include the following information for each variety
planting dates (when should it be planted), Approximate days to harvest, sun needs/exposure,
soil type preference
Parsley –Plant September through November, harvest in 70-90 days, prefers morning or filtered
sun, prefers well-draining soil
Broccoli –plant in mid-September through November, harvest in 45-55 days, needs full sun,
prefers sandy soil
Lettuce – Plant mid-October to mid-December, Harvest in 40-55 days, needs filtered to full sun,
but watered well!, soil with lots of organic matter in it
Successes, challenges: include information here describing your experience doing this project.
A response such as “no challenges” will receive no credit.
-The parsley keeps drying out and is slowly dying and I don’t know why, but the parts that are
still green are still usable.
-The broccoli and the lettuce continue to grow, but at a very slow pace. I am now being more
diligent with using the organic fertilizer, but I think it will still be quite some time before either
is ready to be harvested.
Consumption, Use or Appreciation: include information here about how you are using your
plants, consuming them or appreciating them. In other words, how are they contributing to your
quality of life?
identify the six weeks period (2nd SW, 3rd SW, etc)
Home Garden Report
Once the broccoli and the lettuce are ready, my family and I will eat it. We have already started
to use the parsley when we cook now. I really enjoy taking care of these plants. I didn’t realize
until now how much I enjoy gardening.