Exercise 6-C: “Active Listening” 1. Gun control.

Exercise 6-C: “Active Listening”
Lakukan diskusi dengan teman satu kelompok dengan pilihan topik sebagai berikut:
1. Gun control.
2. Capital punishment.
3. Race as a criterion for college admission.
4. Prison reform.
5. U.S. intervention in wars outside of the U.S.
6. Legalization of marijuana.
7. Mandatory armed forces draft.
8. Interracial adoption.
9. Premarital and extramarital sex.
10. Prayer in school.
11. Diversity in the workplace.
12. Pornography on the internet.
Indicators of Active Listening
1. Asked questions for clarification
2. Paraphrased the opposing view
3. Responded to nonverbal cues (e.g., body posture, tone of voice)
4. Appeared to move toward a mutually satisfying solution.
Indicator of Less-Than-Active Listening
5. Interrupted before allowing the other person to finish.
6. Was defensive about their position
7. Appeared to dominate the conversation.
8. Ignored non-verbal cues.
Did you arrive at a mutually agreeable solution? What helped you get there?
What were some factors that hindered this process?
How comfortable did you feel “arguing” the position you were given? How did this influence your ability to actively listen?
If the position you were given was exactly opposite your values or beliefs, did you see this topic diffe rently now than
before the exercise?
5. What steps can you take to improve your ability to listen actively to friends or associates, especially when you don’t
agree with their viewpoint?