Session 15: GL_Revenue Project Relationships

Focus on Reports
Session 15
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•GL_Revenue Project Relationships
What is a Revenue Project?
At UVA, we use a concept called a ‘Revenue Project’ to
identify which specific funds are designated for use by
an award and its associated projects and tasks.
Child Projects
Revenue Parent
Sometimes there is a need to account for different sources of revenue
separately, but combine and treat them as one consolidated pool of
In this case a rollup “Revenue Parent” project is created. Revenue
from each of the single child projects associated with the “Revenue
Parent” is combined and treated as one revenue project.
As shown above, a project can be funded by more than one
award. It is the “A” in the PTAEO charging instruction
that specifies which revenue projects funds are being spent.
GL_Revenue Project
This report provides schools and departments
the ability to view:
• All awards, projects, and tasks associated
with a revenue project.
• The children of a revenue parent (RP…..)
project, and
• A list of revenue project managers
The report has 4 tabs:
Relationships by Organization
Revenue Parent - Child
Revenue Project Managers
The first two tabs layouts show the revenue project on the left followed by awards that are
linked to the revenue project, and any projects funded by the award and the tasks assigned
to the projects.
The second tab limits the revenue project to just those owned by a specified org.
The third tab, Revenue Parent – Child, lists all the children associated with a
revenue parent. Select the desired revenue parent number in the page item to see
it’s child projects.
Note: Funds can NOT be deposited directly to a Revenue Parent (RP….).. Funds
must be deposited into numeric child projects. All child project deposits roll up to
a Revenue Parent Project.
This last tab shows all the revenue project managers for the org
selected in the page item bar and the revenue projects assigned to the