Design Project

Design Project – Fall 2004
(Same as SJSU Me20)
Engineering students can be motivated to learn many of the theoretical and abstract concepts of
engineering science and analysis by embedding those concepts in practical, real world, design
problems. This careful melding of design and analysis can help engineering students strengthen
their synthesis skills and appreciate the practical value of much of their analysis-oriented courses.
The design project for this course is intended to familiarize you with some of the fundamental
design phases involved. For this design project you are required to:
1. Identify design problems (recognition of a need).
2. Explore alternative solutions (conceptual design).
3. Present in poster form your most promising solution.
Some milestones have been set in order to keep you on schedule which will help you complete
the project in a timely fashion.
Design Project Schedule*
Bug list due
'Bugs" are minor annoyances and inconveniences that you experience in your every day life.
Think of things that "bug" you that you wish someone would come up with a solution for or those
exciting solutions that you think could be better designed. Your list should include 3 to 5 ideas.
Bug freehand sketch due
Choose your most interesting "bug " and graphically communicate your idea by sketching it.
The sketch should include the minimum text.
Solution sketch 2
After brainstorming possible solutions, choose the most promising one (with the help of the
instructor) and make a sketch of the solution. Make sure you include as much detail as you have
thought of.
12/2 – 12/7 Design documentation .
Two lab periods are set aside for you to work on document your solution using AutoCAD's 2D and
3D capabilities. You should prepare a set of standard orthographic projection views (top, front,
and right side). You should also draw a three dimensional view (isometric) of your design. All
drawings should meet the standards discussed in the class.
Design project poster presentation
Prepare the final presentation of your "bug" and your design solution in a poster form. Bring the
poster to lab Thursday December 9. This will provide others in your class with the opportunity to
see and evalute your design.
* any future changes to this schedule will be announced in the class.