Kindergarten News Homework for August/September Captain James E. Daly, Jr. Elementary School

Kindergarten News
Captain James E. Daly, Jr. Elementary School
September 2015
Homework for
Help your child to memorize their lunch pin
Enhance oral language skills by discussing what
happened at school each day. For example you
might ask “What was the best part of your
day?” or “”Tell me about a friend you worked
with today.” Encourage the use of complete
Read to your child every day.
Practice name recognition, spelling and writing
with only one capital letter (at the beginning).
In math this month students will learn to. . .
 describe shapes, positions and
 count with one-to-one
correspondence (pointing and
touching each object as they count).
 sort and classify.
 strategies for accurate counting.
 count and compare sets.
In science students will. . .
 investigate and gather information
about changes in weather using their
 begin to describe some events in
nature that have a pattern (seasons,
water cycle).
Monday, September 7
Labor Day- Offices and schools closed
Monday, September 14
No School for students and teachers
Wednesday, September 23
No School for students and teachers
Friday, September 25
Community Picnic, 5:00-7:00
In reading this month students will learn to . . .
 identify the front cover, back cover and title
page of a book.
 answer questions about key details in books
read aloud.
 identify characters, settings and major events
in a story (with prompting from adults).
 identify the letters in their name.
 build our stamina as independent readers.
In writing this month students will learn to . . .
 Use a combination of drawing, dictating and
writing to narrate a single event.
 Add drawings to writing to provide additional
In social studies students will . . .
identify the importance of rules
describe what a good learner does each day.
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