Fall poem Fill in the blanks

Fall poem
Fill in the blanks
It is at this time of year that I feel_______________
I am thinking about _____________
The smell of the air and the __________morning air
Reminds me of special times with__________
During the ________, _____________evenings
I fill my time with_____________
I love to____________
I think I like to ___________best
The colors of the leaves always remind me of___________
They are like________________
My favorite scene is__________
I love to go to ___________
I feel so happy because____________________
I hope that_______________
In my heart I keep the secret that____________
As I watch the sun go down, I think about___________
I know that I will always______________
As I go to bed at night, I know it has been a ___________day
Tomorrow is a new day and I think__________
I pray
I sleep quietly because_________________