Butterfly Project Guidelines

Project Guidelines: TPCASTT Terezin poems
1. Title – Before you read the poem, speculate on what you think the poem might be about.
2. Paraphrase – In complete sentences, summarize each of the stanzas.
3. Connotation – 1. Annotate the poem. Mark literary devices. 2. Explain the purpose/effect of two
literary devices in complete sentences.
4. Attitude - 1. Annotate the poem. Label the speaker’s attitudes. 2. Explain one example of the
speaker’s attitude. In complete sentences describe how that attitude is created.
5. Shift - In complete sentences describe a shift in the speaker’s attitude. Describe the significance
of the shift.
6. Title revisited – Look at the title again, this time on an interpretive level. What new insight does
the title provide in understanding the poem?
7. Theme – 1. Write a thematic statement in a complete sentence. 2. Provide supporting evidence
for your thematic statement.
 For your final draft, decorate your butterfly in accordance with predominant moods / the
thematic message of the poem.
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