Please click here for a microsoft word version of retake information requirements.

Stephenson: Retake Policy & Procedures
Step One: Check that the assessment is eligible for retaking. For instance. Reading quizzes are not as we
will discuss them after.
Step Two: Complete the questions below and print out your answers.
Step Three: Bring these answers and your evidence (see below) to Mrs. Stephenson before school or in
AO the next day. Remember, I am in the supply store during before school and during AO. Together, we
will review your answers and evidence and schedule a time for you to retake the assessment.
Retake Questions: (Please type your answers right after each question, using a different color font.)
What do you want to retake?
What was your score on this assessment?
When did you begin to study or prepare for this assessment?
Did you complete all the study resources that Mrs. Stephenson required (for instance, quizlet,
What specific methods of study/preparation did you use?
Did you create any study resources or did you use only the ones I provided you?
Where and in what conditions did you study or prepare? (For example: Were you in your
room listening to music? Were you in a group chat session studying together? Were you
studying in the gym during your sister’s basketball game?)
Before the test, how did you feel about your knowledge/ability? How did you THINK you were
going to score? Explain why.
Considering your answers to questions 3-8, explain why you think you earned the score you
What are you going to do differently before this test? Explain why.
You MUST create at least one new study tool (NOT the same as the ones you used in question
number four. You must bring proof of that (screenshots printed out, the actual study guide,
the flash cards) with you (along with your answers to these questions) when you meet with
Mrs. Stephenson.