Illustrated Timeline Project

Illustrated Timeline Instructions
Frank, 2012
In a group of three, you are going to make a visual timeline to show what you learned about the three Classical Empires
of India, China, and Persia. You will create a chronology of each empire independently, and then comparing them at the
same time. Here are the steps you need to take:
Use your book, notes, and brain to fill out the planning Illustrated Timeline graphic organizer for all three
empires. Find the six MOST important events that happened during each empire. Be sure they are not six
random events, but six events that changed the course of history. Each partner is responsible for one planning
Get a big sheet of paper and draw three timelines parallel to each other. Label the each timeline with one of the
three civilizations. See the example below. By placing the timelines next to each other, you need to be making a
visual comparison of the chronology of the empires. Do not use pencil or pen only; everything must be done in
On each timeline, draw six events in order and describe them each with 1-2 sentences. Put a date or
approximate range of dates.
For each event, draw a picture of symbol that represents what happened. For full credit, the pictures must be
For ten bonus points, write a 1 page that answers the following question. Which classical Asian empire had the
most lastly impact on modern society? Give three specific examples that support your answer.
Classical India
Classical China
Classical Persia