– Waves, Lecture 8 PHY138 Today’s overview: Real Laser

PHY138 – Waves, Lecture 8
Today’s overview:
Apparent Depth
Formation of Images by Lenses
Anatomy of the Human Eye
Laser as seen on
TV and movies
Real Laser
Real Laser
Shining Through
a Cloud
Reading Assignment
Next week’s reading is Knight Chapter
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Apparent Depth
Apparent Depth
Light going through a prism bends toward
the base
I scattered  
Converging Lens
Focal length, f
NOTE: Focal length is defined
for initially parallel rays.
Focal Point
Diverging Lens
Focal length, -f
Virtual Focal
Rays appear to emerge
from Virtual Focal Point
Diverging rays through a Converging Lens
Focal length, f
This follows from the principle of reversibility.