Assessment Report Template

General Directions:
1. Be as straightforward and succinct as you can in your reporting.
2. Feel free to report if your program has had difficulty creating goals, or
assessments around those goals. Please describe what the issues are
around assessment.
3. The mapping template in section I. can be re-used every year, but should
be reviewed and updated when goals and/or outcomes change,
assessment tools are added and new course are developed.
4. Note that every annual assessment report done during the time covered
for program review can be inserted into your program review in its
annual report form. The program review assessment section will ask for
identical information as the annual report.
5. This report may fulfill annual reporting requirements for your college.
Please check with your Dean.
Describe program goals and outcomes
Using University Baccalaureate goals and program mapping template for I-IV
List program goals
Student learning outcomes for accomplishment of goals;
Identify classes with embedded assessment that address
program goals or another tool that is being used outside of
courses (e.g., a standardized inventory)
Map goals to University BACC goals
Establish a 4-5 year cycle for covering all program goals; which
goals will be assessed any given year
Assessing program goals and learning outcomes
A. Direct Evidence:
For goal(s) being addressed:
1. Describe the tool you used to determine attainment of your goal(s) and
the criteria for classifying students into a., b., and c. (see #2 below),
2. What proportion of your students (or sample of students):
a. failed to meet expectations
b. met expectations
c. exceeded expectations
B. Indirect Evidence: Organized around program goals (any of the
following tools are acceptable. If you have other tools, please describe).
Student Satisfaction
Student accomplishments
Student class evaluations
Alumni surveys
C. Feedback loop: please provide a brief narrative to answer the
following questions.
1. Has your program changed its curriculum in the past year?
a. - If yes, what assessment data caused you to make the
- Or if there was no assessment data, what information
caused you to make the change?
b. If no changes were made, how did you decide no changes
were needed?
2. Targeted plan to address weaknesses that you found in attainment
of goals
D. Executive summary of assessment results
1. Provide a brief narrative summarizing your assessment results
(no more than one page, single spaced).
If there are additional analyses that your program would like to share, please
include them in this addendum section.