ESW Open Seminar Series CHEER Monday 2

ESW Open Seminar Series
Monday 2nd March, 5pm
Room 104, Fulton
Professor Yvette Taylor, Head of the Weeks Centre for Social and
Policy Research, London South Bank University, presents:
Enterprising, Enduring, Enabling?
The entrepreneurial university:
Engaging publics, intersecting impacts
The entrepreneurial university - and indeed the entrepreneurial
researcher - has been tasked with making an impact.
Drawing upon the recent collection, The Entrepreneurial University:
Engaging Publics, Intersecting Impacts (2014), Professor Taylor raises
questions about who becomes the proper academic subject, fitting-in
and getting ahead, and what falls off the agenda? She will also
consider the often uneasy measures of 'public sociology' and the ethics
and possibilities of engagement, counter-publics and episodic politics.
Professor Taylor will present professional-personal reflections on
research experience - as well as interpretative accounts of navigating
fieldwork and broader publics, politics and practices of
(dis)engagement, through a queer feminist lens. Such concerns are
practically related to the (in)accessibility of research practices,
audiences, ‘users’ and communities in and beyond ‘The
Entrepreneurial University’.
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retrospectively at: