CHEER Seminar for the International EdD Summer School Monday 2

CHEER Seminar for the
International EdD Summer School
Monday 2nd July, 2.00 - 4.30pm
Room 255, Bramber House
Professor Bruce Macfarlane, University of Hong Kong &
Visiting Professor to CHEER, University of Sussex
Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education:
Renewing the Role of the University Professor
The literature on leadership in higher education is
predominantly concerned with the role of formally
designated senior managers, such as heads of
department and deans of faculty. By contrast, relatively
little attention has focused on those performing informal
and distributed forms of leadership, such as (full) university
Professors often feel that there is a mismatch between
their priorities and those of their employing institutions,
and that their expertise is under-utilised. It is argued that
new managerialism and performative expectations are
reshaping the role of the professoriate – and that
institutions need to do more to develop their leadership
This is an open seminar. All welcome.